With the belief in “Everyone can excel”, High Flyer is here to provide quality and loving care to your precious ones, in guiding them to achieve individual milestone at a comfortable pace.

Our professional team consists of:

Qualified and experienced educators in both government and private education system

Food science and nutrition specialist who will ensure all meals are prepared in line with Ministry of Health’s guideline

Skilled counsellor who worked in well-known Penang schools and specializes in behavior transforming


Trained youth worker with years of experience working with children and teenagers

Caring and passionate assistants who serve with heart and believe in holistic development of a child In carefree and supportive environment, your child is able to enjoy the fun of learning without the fear of being penalized. Besides academic coaching, we cultivate good moral values and emphasize character building. Children are encouraged to put in their best effort in completing a task rather than over-emphasizing on performance and end result. We strive to foster healthy self-esteem in every child. 



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Achieving New Heights

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